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Tim and Jeannie Hamann Foundation
Making a Difference to Fight Breast Cancer
Direct and emergency services to Solano County breast cancer patients who do not have the resources to meet basic needs. Emergency financial assistance includes transportation to treatments, utilities, food and housing expenses.


Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Under/Uninsured Fund for Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis – Carol Ann Read Breast Health Program) (CARBHP)
This program provides diagnostic testing for under/uninsured patients.

Women’s Cancer Resource Center
Emergency Financial Assistance and Breast Cancer Navigation
Emergency financial assistance and services are available to low-income women diagnosed with breast cancer who are actively in treatment in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


HERS Breast Cancer Foundation
Lymphedema Project
This program provides garments for prevention and treatment of lymphedema that can occur after treatment of breast cancer.


Institute For Health & Healing
Holistic Support for Breast Cancer Patients
The Institute administers holistic care services including therapeutic massage and other complementary therapies to recently diagnosed breast cancer patients in Marin to support them during treatment.

MarinHealth Foundation
Screening and Diagnostic Fund for Uninsured and Underinsured Individuals
Breast screening and diagnostic testing, mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI screenings and biopsies for low income, uninsured or underinsured individuals facing disparities in breast cancer detection.


Charlotte Maxwell Clinic
Integrative Medicine and Basic Human Resources for Low-Income Women
Integrative medicine tools (acupuncture, massage therapy, herbs, guided imagery, stress reduction, exercise and nutrition) are available for comprehensive breast cancer management to low-income, uninsured women with breast cancer.

Palo Alto

Bay Area Cancer Connections
Access to Care Program
Bay Area Cancer Connections supports anyone affected by breast cancer with personalized services that inform and empower.

San Francisco

Breast Cancer Emergency Fund
Emergency Financial Assistance to Low-Income Breast Cancer Patients
People in need receive financial assistance to continue life-extending medical treatments, avoid utility shut-off, prevent eviction and maintain stable housing while they battle breast cancer.

Pilipino Senior Resource Center
Kapwa Kalinga – “Care for Each Other” Navigation and Support Assistance for Low-income Filipina Breast Cancer Patients
Underserved Filipinas with breast cancer receive navigational assistance, transportation and emergency support services.

Project Open Hand
Nutrition Program for Breast Cancer Patients
The program provides medically-tailored meals and/or groceries and nutritional education for low-income breast cancer patients. Based on level of illness, meals can be delivered to clients.

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation
Lymphedema Education and Referral Program (LERP)
Lymphedema education and treatment is offered to diverse underserved breast cancer patients in San Francisco. The program also includes services such as garments, transportation and supplies.

Shanti Project
Margot Murphy Women’s Cancer Program
Underserved low income women diagnosed with breast cancer have access to navigation and emergency services. These include translation, food and taxi vouchers to get patients to and from their treatment.

San Jose

Community Health Partnership
Community Mammography Access Project (CMAP)
This program provides navigational assistance for mammograms for underserved women by addressing barriers to screening services in order to reduce late stage breast cancer diagnosis among medically underserved women in Santa Clara County.

Latinas Contra Cancer
Patient Navigation for Breast Cancer Care and Prevention in the Latino Community
Latinas Contra Cancer is raising awareness about breast cancer in the underserved Latino community, increasing access to quality care, working to decrease mortality and improving the quality of the health care experience.

San Mateo

Samaritan House
Samaritan House Breast Care Clinic
Navigation for breast care and mammograms is provided for uninsured women.

San Rafael

Breastoration Ink
3D Nipple Tattooing
Nipple and areolas are recreated with cosmetic tattoo pigment resulting in a natural looking breast. Tattoos appear realistic and can fool the brain and eye into thinking it is an actual dimensional nipple, playing an important role in feeling whole again both physically and emotionally.

Marin Center for Independent Living
Mary Mathews Breast Cancer and Advocacy Project
Underserved individuals in Marin County diagnosed with breast cancer receive help in navigating the health care system in order to acquire and maintain medical insurance. Also, the project provides emergency services including housing and financial planning and assistance during treatment and recovery.

Santa Rosa

Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation – Resource Navigation to Latinos
Resource Navigation and Support for Latino Breast Cancer Patients
Ensures at-risk individuals will have much-needed resource navigation services, screening, diagnostic and financial coordination of cancer care and support services.


Ceres Community Project
Nourishing Meal Support and Nutrition Education for Breast Cancer Patients
Teenagers come together to prepare nourishing food for people recovering from breast cancer and their family members in Marin County. The project helps educate clients and young people alike about how organic meals and supplemental food products support improved treatment outcomes.


Cancer Support Sonoma
Navigational, Complementary and Direct Support Services for Breast Cancer Patients
This program offers breast cancer patients in Sonoma Valley and surrounding areas, with navigational, complementary therapies and direct support services to improve quality of life.

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