The following list includes organizations that are current or former grant recipients, as well as links to the Marin County breast cancer website and the National Cancer Institute.

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation provides this information as a guide, but we are unable to endorse a person, place or product. We are also not responsible for the contents of the websites listed below. To Celebrate Life does not give medical advice. All information obtained from these sites should be reviewed with your physician.

Breast Cancer Online Resources

Alta Bates Summit Foundation

Alta Bates Summit Access to Breast Health Services for the Uninsured. To compensate for cuts in California’s Cancer Detection Program: Every Woman Counts, this program will provide comparable screening and diagnostic services for  low-income, uninsured women 40 to 49 in Alameda County.

Breast Cancer Connections

The Gabriella Patser ProgramTo Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation-Harbor Point Fund. Provides access to screening and diagnostic services to low income, uninsured women under 40; expands to women 40 to 49 who are now ineligible for California’s Detection Program in all nine Bay Area counties.

Breast Cancer Emergency Fund

Helps mitigate the emotional toll of unpaid bills by offering financial assistance to low income San Francisco residents.

The Ceres Community Project

Youth Nourishing Life One Meal at a Time. Sonoma County teens come together to prepare nourishing food for families facing breast health challenges.

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

Integrative Support for Low-income Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Serves low-income women living with advanced breast cancer by providing treatment and emergency services.

Circulo de Vida

Women’s Support Program. Provides in-home end of life support to Latinas in San Francisco County.

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation

We Support YOU Survive. Program provides high quality proper post surgical garments, bras and prosthesis to underserved and/or low-income breast cancer survivors in the Bay area.

Hospice by the Bay

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation Fund for Supplementary & Complementary Care and Open Access Initiative. Provides additional support services, including physical and emotional care, to end-stage breast cancer patients and their families.

Institute for Health & Healing

Holistic Support for Breast Cancer Patients. Offers scholarships for holistic care services for patients in treatment in Marin County.

Kaiser Permanente

Member’s only website with health information and breast cancer discussion groups.

Latinas Contra Cancer

Breast Screening Access for Latinas Under 50Targets at-risk Latina women aged 40 to 49 for mammograms as a result of changes in  California’s Cancer Detection Program in Santa Clara County.

Lyon-Martin Health Services

Breast Health Program. Offers access to screening and diagnostics to at-risk lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in Alameda and San Francisco Counties.

Marin Center for Independent Living

Breast Cancer Benefits and Advocacy Counseling. Supports low-income, underinsured breast cancer patients in Marin County with emergency services and benefits counseling during treatment and recovery.

Marin Community Clinics

Breast Health Program. Provides funds for breast cancer preventive care and education for all adult female patients during at least one medical visit per year; plus assistance in enrolling in public health insurance programs to ensure no-cost screening services.

Marin County – Health and Human Services

Part of the Health and Human Services Epidemiology Program.

Marin General Hospital

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation-Harbor Point Fund. Supports diagnostic screening, including mammograms, sonograms, ultrasounds, ultrasound guided core biopsies, and MRIs to foster earlier breast cancer diagnosis among underserved patients in Marin County.   Hosts support groups for breast cancer patients in active treatment and offers scholarships for retreats for patients with metastatic disease.

National Cancer Institute

Breast cancer information from the National Cancer Institute, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

Bayview Breast Health Project. Provide direct patient support services and navigation to ensure eligible low-income, underserved individuals in Bayview Hunters Point receive breast screening and mammograms and follow-up care.


Lifelines Breast Cancer Program. Provides transportation vouchers to and from treatment, and food vouchers for low-income and medically underserved San Franciscans with breast cancer.

Sutter North Bay Women’s Health Center

Integrative Health and Healing Services. Provides free and low-fee complementary therapies and support groups for women in breast cancer treatment in Sonoma County.

Sutter Pacific Women’s Health Center

Resource Navigation to Latina Women. Ensures Latina women will have improved access to breast screening, financial counseling and coordination of cancer support services.

Women’s Cancer Resource Center

East Bay Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Offers financial assistance to low income women being treated for breast cancer in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.