Volunteer Opportunities — Make a difference in the lives of people living with breast cancer

Volunteering with To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation is fun, gratifying, and you’ll make friends for life. As a volunteer-based organization, we have unlimited opportunities for you to get involved, and all skills and talents are valued. You can make a difference in the lives of people living with breast cancer by participating in our organization, including volunteering for our annual premier gala fundraiser, Stepping Out To Celebrate Life.


In the Volunteer Spotlight – Claudia Gardner

Like so many of our volunteers, Claudia’s first experience with To Celebrate Life was as a model. She walked the runway in 2011 and had such a fantastic time and made so many good friends, she wanted to stay connected. Claudia found being in the fashion show a little overwhelming (in a good way).

She loved the fittings at the stores and clearly remembers the skin tight jeans, gorgeous mustard boots, plaid wool jacket and driving cap she wore from Sundance.  Read More



Volunteer now!

Many of our volunteers are breast cancer survivors who feel strongly about giving back, and doing so helps them complete their own cycle of healing. Others join us to honor the memory of a loved one or as a tribute to a friend or relative. And some step up to make a difference in their community. Whatever your reason, we welcome you!

It’s easy to volunteer…simply:

We look forward to connecting with you!